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Shinola Runwell

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The city that is home to Motown and Motoring may soon be adding Horology to the list if Shinola has its way. Shinola is a new company out of Detroit that aims to bring back watchmaking to America in a big way. They've teamed up with Ronda AG, one of the biggest manufacturers of Swiss movements to train new watch specialists and build a 30,000 square foot facility in Midtown Detroit where each watch will be hand assembled. The Runwell, will come in a 47mm or 40mm steel case that will house the company's Argonite 1069 movement and will also come with a vegetable-tanned Horween leather strap. The watch will initially be released in a special launch edition of 1,000 pieces in the 47mm and 1,500 in the 40mm with several other colorways and variations to be announced later. Available this July. $550, Shinola

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