Rogue DZN Armadillo:161



In the world of jewelry, there's bling and then there's Rogue DZN. The company machines their pieces from billet blocks of military-spec, G5 aerospace-grade titanium. This is the type of metal you can bury for centuries and dig up and still find the piece to be completely intact. For their new flagship product, the company architected 161 parts using 5-axis and 9-axis CNC machining to create the Armadillo:161 bracelet. From first glance you'll notice the details are staggering. Each link consists of 8 individual pieces and the latch features thumb screws which remove to reveal a tri-blade wrench and a T5 torx wrench for adjusting the bracelet. All of this comes together to create wearable, architectural art that takes over 400 machine hours to finish. Link


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