Ressence's Type 5 diver looks even better in black

The unique timepiece throws its tuxedo on.
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Photo: Ressence

Photo: Ressence

Ressence turned a lot of heads when they revealed their new Type 5 Diver and they'll surely grab even more attention with its new (and best) colorway option. They've given the Grade 5 titanium case a black DLC coating that looks absolutely perfect with the black dial. It even makes the colorful markers on the watch pop that much more. 

Outside of the new colorway, the watch uses the same highly complex 324-component system to enable the watch to tell the time in a unique way. Called the Ressence Orbital Convex System, the movement powers the watch for 36 hours and features hour, minute, runner, and oil temperature functionality. 

$35,000 (est.),

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