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Ressence debuts its self-setting Type 2 e-Crown watch concept

Set it and forget it.
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Ressence is calling their Type 2 e-Crown concept the first self-setting mechanical watch ever and it might be one of the most interesting developments to come to watches in a very long time. The watch forgoes a traditional crown for setting the time with what they call an 'e-Crown.'

When you first get the watch, you set the time by adjusting the lever on the case back of the Type-2 and after that you'll never have to adjust your watch again. This is possible through an electro-mechanical system that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to automatically correct the time. 

It can be used in a fully mechanical mode without the intervention of the e-Crown and it can even goto sleep when unworn to preserve power and can be awoken and automatically set to the current time with just a tap of the crystal. 

The watch is also not only powered by kinetic energy, but it also has photovoltaic cells to get power from available light. These photovoltaic cells are hidden underneath an array of 10 micro-shutters that open automatically when the power is low. 

The watch you see is currently in concept form and a production version of the watch is set for release this summer.

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