Reigning Champ launches the first in a series of releases with Victory Journal

The first release celebrates the reigning World Cup champions, Les Bleus.
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Reigning Champ x Victory Journal

Reigning Champ and Victory Journal launch their inaugural collection, a selection of apparel pieces celebrating France's Les Bleus, the reigning World Cup champions. The collection will feature a variety of Reigning Champ staples with Victory graphics and designs inspired by the French National team. The collection will also include a select image from Victory Journal's award-winning photography with this season's release featuring an image of a "young dancer from photographer Nico Therin’s Issue 16 story on the Compton DIVAs, a community dance organization in Los Angeles’s Compton neighbourhood whose singular style of hip-hop-infused majorette has gotten the attention of the likes of Beyoncé, yet remains grounded in their local mission of positive community impact."

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