Time-Tested, The Red Wing Heritage 6-inch Postman

Based on one of Red Wing's best selling shoes of all time.
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Photo: Red Wing

Photo: Red Wing

The 6-inch Postman is based on a shoe that's the very definition of classic, a shoe that debuted in the '50s and was standard issue footwear for both policemen and postal workers. Even more impressive is that the shoe continued to be on sale for 46 years and sold a whopping 2,000,000+ pairs, one of the best selling models in the company's history.

Today, Red Wing Heritage has modeled a new style of that design with their 6-inch Postman, a well-constructed, black boot you simply can't go wrong with. The upper is crafted in Black Chapparal leather and sits on a cushioned crepe wedge sole. 

More info at Red Wing Heritage

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