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Red Wing Heritage Kangatan 8180

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Red Wing Heritage is releasing a new boot this month and it has quite the history, especially if you're a big fan of baseball. The Kangatan 8180 is based off of the Super Setter 888 boot, a shoe created for Sears and baseball legend Ted Williams, who spent much of his time as an outdoorsman when he wasn't busy hitting homers for the Red Sox. His name also became synonymous with quality as a brand that adorned Sears' most premium sporting goods products.

Launched in 1963, the Super Setter 888 was made of kangaroo hide and was used due to its lightweight and durable characteristics and at the time was considered the best boot the company could produce. Today the 8180 honors that style with the same iconic green colorway which is crafted from Portage cowhide leather and will also be released alongside special edition baseballs that are made from the same leather.

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