Qualcomm Toq



Chipmaking giant Qualcomm is entering the consumer market today and no, its not a tablet or a smartphone, they're taking on the emerging smartwatch segment with their new Toq. Billed as a second screen for your Android device, the Toq boasts an always-on reflective Mirasol display that uses no backlight, but instead uses surrounding light to its advantage for easy readability in the sun. The watch will deliver phone calls and texts as well as weather, stocks, and music controls. Since the Toq uses an array of low-power technologies, the watch stays on for days of use and it's so power efficient that they didn't even give it an on/off button. Other features include a case that provides wire-free charging via Qualcomm's WiPower tech and wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

Available later this year, Qualcomm

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