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Porter and Buzz Rickson's launch a special edition MA-1 for the bagmaker's 85th anniversary

The jackets are constructed in the same material used in its "Tanker" series.
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Porter's 85th anniversary celebrations continue with a special edition MA-1 flight jacket from Buzz Rickson's. The jackets have been constructed using the same material from Porter's popular "Tanker" bags and accessories. The jackets also pull a number of other elements from the line such as the zippers, snap buttons, attached tape, and the signature orange lining. Staying within the Porter theme, the jacket replaces the cigarette pocket with a removable wallet finished in the jacket's matching color. 

The jackets will only be available at Porter's stores in Japan and Korea. 

¥68,000 (approx. $657),

Japanese exclusives can be purchased from proxies such as White Rabbit Express or Treasure Japan.

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