Plus Minus Zero's suitcases feature patented wheels that are silent and reduce vibration

The wheels feature an innovative tire system to tackle rough surfaces.
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Plus Minus Zero Suitcase

Four-wheel luggage is a must-have feature when you're buying rolling luggage, but the design could use a few improvements. One thing that could use a big upgrade is how those wheels tackle bumpy, uneven surfaces. Plus Minus Zero has solved this issue with a patented design where the inner and outer wheel rotate individually, allowing it to be much quieter, shock-absorbing, and much smoother when rolling over bumpier surfaces. The aluminum-framed, polycarbonate suitcase comes in a 34L carry-on, a 56L, and a 91L for longer trips. 

From ¥37,800 (approx. $353),

Japanese exclusives can be purchased from proxies such as White Rabbit Express or Treasure Japan.

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