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The Permanent Style Annual by Simon Crompton

One of the most respected voices in menswear releases a limited print edition.
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Photo: Permanent Style

Photo: Permanent Style

An authority on men's fashion, Simon Crompton collects some of his favorite content from the last year in a limited edition annual:

"Permanent Style 2015 is a collected edition of our favourite posts, photos and trips from the previous year. It is the first time we have produced a hard copy under the brand, and it’s something we put a lot of love and affection into.

We decided to limit the edition to 2000 copies – enough for the die-hard fans, but sufficiently small to become a collector’s piece. I also hand-numbered every one, hopefully giving it a personal connection to readers I know are spread all over the world, and many of whom I will never meet.

  Permanent Style 2015 is divided into five sections, representing the best of factory visits, style, bespoke projects, reader questions and ready-to-wear brands. Each contains a smattering of photos that never appeared on the website, along with explanatory captions.

The book gives particular emphasis to the wonderful photos Luke Carby has taken over the past year. So often these shots are reduced in size and resolution on the site; this blows many of them up to full pages, enabling the reader to see all the detail of a denim cloth, a leather patina or a gas furnace.

  The book was designed by agency Egelnick & Webb, and is printed on matte-finished art paper, giving it a pleasingly tactile quality. It was printed in London. "

$45, Permanent Style

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