Parabellum Custom Chesterfield

An extravagant sofa dripping in bison leather.
Photo: Parabellum

Photo: Parabellum

The Corbusier, the Eames, the Jacobsen...there are a handful of statement pieces you can choose from for your digs, but if you're obsessed with leather, then they probably can't hold a candle to this beast of Chesterfield from those talented gents at Parabellum.

They've covered a big Chesterfield sofa in their signature bison leather and as you can see it is something to behold. That beautiful bison grain and texture could not be more perfect for the tufted exterior and we can only imagine what it would look like in their other color options. 

Pricing is a bit of a king's ransom at $18,000, available now at

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