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Outlier's Ultrahigh Dufflepack tweaks what could be the ultimate bag for "onebag" packers

A well-thought-out duffle for serious travelers.
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Outlier Ultrahigh Dufflepack

Photo: Outlier

If you're going to commit to using one bag for your travel needs, you've got to make sure that it doesn't just have the space you need, but also delivers exceeding well on functionality. That's where Outlier's Ultrahigh Dufflepack comes in. The bag is made from the incredibly durable Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite and can carry a lighweight haul from 15-35 Liters all the way up to 75 liters. It's also got a compression roll top and "Double Action Straps" so you can carry it comfortably like a backpack. 


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