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The Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack

Lighter than light.
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Photo: Outlier

Photo: Outlier

What happens when you give Outlier access to materials like Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite fabric and Armordon self-reinforcing polypropylene sheeting? Well, they go ahead and build one of the craziest backpacks out there, one that's incredibly lightweight and strong and can still manage to roll up and disappear into your suitcase.


Still skeptical about the material? Ultrahigh Nonwoven Composite uses Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene fibers that are stronger than steel and will maintain its structure and balance as you fill it up with gear. As for the Armordon frame sheet, the material is stiff at first, but then conforms to your body overtime for an optimal and custom fit.

As you can probably already tell, the bag is incredibly versatile. It features a rolltop that unfolds to increase the bag's storage capacity and Fidlock's magnetic fasteners keep's everything locked down and secure. 

$375, available now at

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