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Outlier Brut Cotton Cut One T-Shirt

Outlier's hunt to create the perfect basic tee continues with their new experiment

The shirt has a densely woven construction with the breathability of a lightweight tee.

Handvaerk T-Shirt

Our favorite summer tee: HĂ„ndvaerk's Crew Neck T Shirt

From the packaging to the material, everything about this shirt is perfect.


Outlier turned cashmere into the perfect summer popover

The brand's latest experiment finds a bit of a different use for cashmere.

Photo: Outlier

Photo: Outlier

Considered one of the world's oldest fibers, Outlier is putting ramie into their newest tees to create the summer-ready Ramielust T-Shirt. While linen tends to be the more popular choice when it comes to summer fabrics, ramie is a bit more uncommon due to the time it takes to process the fabric. 

Knit in Japan, the end result of the longer processing time is a tee that's perfect for the summer. Much like linen, the fabric is cool and breathable and absorbs moisture while still feeling dry. It even breaks in perfectly with a softer feel after a few washes.