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Outlier x Boreas Ultrahigh Travel System

Outlier and Boreas team up on a serious travel kit.
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Photo: Outlier

Photo: Outlier

Outlier and Boreas hope you won't need anything else when it comes to your next journey. Their Ultrahigh Travel system consists of an Ultrahigh Rolltop Duffle, Modular Super-Tramp Suspension backpanel, Hopper Daypack, and a Double Action Strap. What that all amounts to is one hell of a travel setup with an expandable duffle that can carry as much or as little as you need and a special edition of their Hopper Daypack in an all-black colorway that can even pack down and roll up to fit inside the duffle's side pocket.

At the center of it all is their Boreas Modular Super-Tramp Suspension backpanel that you can put on either bag to transform your carrying preferences from a backpack style or remove it and sling it over your shoulder. 

$495, Outlier

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