Nothing like a good dose of Loro Piana to keep you warm this winter
Photos: Norse Projects

Photos: Norse Projects

With a name like Thor, this jacket better be one mighty piece of winter-battling outerwear. Norse Projects has taken their Thor Raincoat and gave it a cold weather overhaul with the combination of luxurious Loro Piana wool and Primaloft insulation.

Loro Piana sources their wool from the finest breeds of merino sheep to create their naturally technical fabrics  and treats it with a lamination process that involves placing a thin hydrophobic membrane to the underside of the material and on top of it is a DWR treatment to keep water away. That wind and water-resistant structure coupled with the warmth of Primaloft insulation will surely place this high atop your list if you're on the hunt for an elegant yet high-performance winter coat. 

$875, Norse Projects

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