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The Ultimate Classic | Nigel Cabourn's Crew Sweat

Japanese fabric, Made in England. What more could you ask for.
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Photo: Nigel Cabourn

Photo: Nigel Cabourn

There are more than a handful of brands that make a great sweatshirt, but this piece from Nigel Cabourn takes it to another level. Based on a vintage phys ed sweatshirt, Cabourn took that idea and ran with it creating an exceptionally well crafted sweatshirt out of the finest materials Japan had to offer.

The Crew Sweat is made from a heavyweight 460grm artisan jersey that's sourced from the Toki Mill in Japan, a mill that still uses Tsuri machines that date back to the 1900s and can only knit one meter per hour. Each one is Made in England and cut with a slimmer fit and features an internal pocket inspired by a military field jacket.

$423, available at

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