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Montblanc re-releases the "Rouge et Noir" pen for its 110th Anniversary

A slithery and sleek throwback to Montblanc's first fountain pen.
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Photo: Montblanc

Photo: Montblanc

Based on their first fountain pen introduced in 1909, Montblanc brings back those original designs with a modern twist. Called the "Rouge et Noir", the new version is refreshed with a slimmer and longer design and Montblanc's piston mechanism. 

The design of the pen returns to a style popular amongst Art Nouveau crowd during the early 20th century with a snake wrapping around the barrel cap and the signature snowcap is finished in an off-white colorway that's surrounded in coral red. The pen is also constructed in ebonite, a material that features a mix of natural rubber,sulphur, and linseed oil and to this day is still manufactured using traditional methods.

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