Ming 19.01

After successfully launching the brand with the 17.01, MING watches introduces its second timepiece, the 19.01. The watch takes the brand into high-end territory with a truly world class product that brings together talents from Switzerland, Paris, and founder and designer Ming Thien's home of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The 19.01 is a design that's both classic and slightly futuristic. The dial has a deep opaque blue center that goes from solid to transparent, which allows for the movement to peek through. The movement is a Schwarz-Etienne hand-wound movement with a 100 hour power reserve when fully wound. The movement is housed in a 39mm grade 5 titanium case that's complemented by a calf leather strap with quick-release that's designed by Jean Rosseau in Paris. 

6,800 CHF (approx. $6,788), ming.watch

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