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MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon

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One of the most unique watches on the planet gets a new color, but not just any color. MB&F gave their hugely complex HM5 a new black tint, but this is no traditional DLC or PVD black coating. They wanted a material that was solid black and as hard as stainless steel, but no material of that kind exists, but MB&F isn't one to give up on a challenge.

They developed their own material with a the help of a specialist that took 18 months to develop. This material is aclled CarbonMacrolon, a dense polycarbonate resin that's further strengthened with carbon nanotubes. The material meets all their criteria for a solid black material with the hardness of steel and it's solid black all the way through. The watch will be limited to 66 pieces with the same internals as the original HM5, but with new details such as an iridescent purple rotor and matching purple accents on the time display.


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