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Master-piece's new luggage hides an impressive set of features under a cloak of black camo

A stylish and stealthy alternative to the Rimowas and Aways of the world.
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Master-piece Trolleys

When you're shopping for luggage, construction and functionality should be at the top of your checklist. Master-piece's latest luggage definitely meets that criteria with hard shell designs that prioritize durability while adding in a handful of features that make your luggage less of a burden when you're on your way to your destination. The shell is made from a special polycarbonate that is designed to withstand impact and heat and has a subtle camouflage finish. When it comes to features, the bag's bright orange lining makes it easy to spot everything and a removable partition has a buckled loop for instant door/wall storage. It also has a switch that locks up your wheels to keep your luggage from rolling away. 

From ¥52,800 (approx. $482),

Japanese exclusives can be purchased from proxies such as White Rabbit Express or Treasure Japan.

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