Louis Vuitton launches its first collection of men's fragrances - Acquire

Louis Vuitton is going all in with their first collection of men's fragrances. Designed by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Maître Parfumeur of Louis Vuitton, Belletrud created five scents for the collection: L'Immensité, a ginger scent, Nouveau Monde, an oud and cocoa scent, Orage, a patchouli scent, Sur la Route, a cédrat scent, and finally, the sandalwood-scented Au Hasard. The fragrances will be available in 3.4oz and 6.8oz sizes for the home and a travel edition (above) which includes four 7.5ml cartridges that can be inserted into the included travel bottle. 

From $240, louisvuitton.com

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