Longines' new watch can sync its time zone by using the flash on your smartphone camera - Acquire
Longines VHP GMT Flash Setting

You've seen brands that use Bluetooth or a GPS signal to accurately adjust the time zone on a watch, but Longines has found a novel new way to do just that and it only needs the flash on your smartphone camera. The new Conquest V.H.P. GMT doesn't require an external connection, it uses a dedicated app and a function called 'Flash Setting' that reads a series of light sequences emitted from your smartphone. 

These light sequences are then read by a hidden aperture in the dial, which signals the watch to adjust the time to the set timezone. It also features a swap function that instantly switches your local time zone and home time zone for easier reading when you press down on the crown. Other details include a quartz movement with a long battery life, a Gear Position Detection system that resets the hands after exposure to a magnetic field, and a perpetual calendar that extends to the year 2399. 


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