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London Undercover City Fleck Umbrellas

Time to upgrade.
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Photos: London Undercover

Photos: London Undercover

Why should you care so much about the umbrella you're carrying? Well, for starters a gentleman always has a good umbrella and we're not talking your decent, run of the mill department store type. We're talking proper wooden handles and a beautifully designed canopy. 


London Undercover's new City Fleck series hits all the marks with a handle and shaft  that is crafted from malacca wood and beech and is accented with a silver tip cup, silver ferrule, and silver spokes. The canopy is beautifully done with colorful flecks of fabric that look as if they're dripping down the canopy. The umbrellas come in navy, grey, and natural cotton fleck. 

$169, available at

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