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Levi's teams up with Circulose to create its most sustainable pair of jeans

The jean is made out of organic cotton and material sourced from worn-out jeans.
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Levi's Recycled Denim 502

Levi's is taking its sustainability efforts one step further with their collaboration with Circulose. Circulose is a material made out of 20% recycled denim and 20% sustainably sourced viscose, two materials sourced from discarded textiles that are broken down with water to create a slurry-like mixture. This mixture is then dried and turned into a sheet of Circulose, which is then made into viscose fiber and finally combined with organic cotton to create a fabric that's ready to be transformed into jeans. For their first product, Levi's and Circulose created a Wellthread 502 jean with a classic 5-pocket design and a tapered cut. 


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