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The Klokers KLOK-2, a unique take on the travel watch

A clever and fun interpretation of a jet-setting must-have.
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Photo: Klokers

Photo: Klokers

Klokers hopes to grab the attention of design-savvy jet-setters across the globe with their KLOK-02, a travel watch with a unconventional dial. The watch face is split into two halves: the top part that indicates the seconds and minutes and the bottom part that tells you which destination the current is set on and the hour and date. You can switch the time by pressing the pusher at 4 o'clock and the time will automatically change to one of the 24 selected timezones.

It also is interchangeable and compatible with a series of accessories with a unique docking key system that lets you slide the watch onto different bands, pocket watch chains, or even switch it out and throw on a different Klokers model. 

$1,120, Klokers

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