Junghans just turned the Max Bill into the perfect, minimalist travel watch

It features their J101 radio-controlled movement for automatic time adjustment.
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Junghans Max Bill Mega

Junghans is adding a new travel watch to the Max Bill line with the new Max Bill Mega, which combines everything you love about that clean aesthetic with a radio-controlled movement that automatically adjusts the time. The movement is always scanning for the correct time and it checks the position of the seconds hand 1,440 times. 

The antenna can receive a signal from three continents and if it's not within range, the watch can still accurately tell the time via its quartz movement or use its dedicated app to set the time. The watch also features a perpetual calendar that works without radio reception and is accurate until the year 2400. Other features include a 38mm case, a scratch-resistant convex plexiglass, and if you're outside of the radio range you can adjust the time in hour steps without affecting the seconds.


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