Junghans celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus

A watch that perfectly expresses the Bauhaus aesthetic.
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Junghans 100 years of Bauhaus

Anyone who loves the Max Bill series from Junghans is probably a big fan of anything Bauhaus-related, in fact, Max Bill himself studied at the school a century ago. Today, the watchmaker celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus with a special edition watch, the max bill Automatic 100 Jahre Bauhaus. Based on their automatic model, the watch features a number of elements that are inspired by the Bauhaus building. 

The anthracite-colored case takes after the building's façade while the red-accented hands and date window echo the colors of its famous red doors. It also features a matte silver dial to represent its white walls and a grey strap inspired by the concrete used in the structure. Another cool detail is the case back, which features a graphic of the building with transparent windows that give you a peek of the movement. 


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