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Ikepod's new watch line will start at just $590

The company releases pricing and specs for the newly rebooted watch brand.
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Ikepod Duopod

After a bit of a hiatus, Ikepod is back once again under new ownership that will stay true to the spirit of the original Marc Newson designs, but at a more accessible price point. Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, who is best known for the designs of the Royal Oak Offshore and Rolex Cellini, will spearhead the styling of the new Ikepod collection, which will launch with two models. 

The first watch is a model called the Duopod, which is a 42mm design that wears like a 39mm and features a minimalist two-hand dial with a quartz movement from Miyota. The second watch is a chronograph called the Chronopod, a 44mm design that wears like a 41mm and features a traditional chronograph design, and a Miyota JD 25 movement.

Made in Hong Kong, the watches will be priced far lower than the original prices, which were in the thousands and will start at $590 for the Duopod and $725 for the Chronopod. The watches will be available on Kickstarter sometime this fall. 

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