Hodinkee releases a Swatch Sistem51 for their latest collaboration

Their first collaboration with Swatch and their most affordable watch to date.
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Hodinkee x Swatch Sistem51

Hodinkee's latest collaboration will be a bit more accessible than previous collaborations. The publication is teaming up with Swatch for a limited edition version of their Sistem51. The Vintage 84 will be based on a design from Swatch's second collection from Spring 1984, a design that is said to be their first true sports watch. The new design modernizes those ideas with a brushed aluminum dial that looks to have a randomized scattering of red dots, but are actually the locations of the jewels in the movement. Other specs include a 42mm black plastic case, transparent caseback, and a 90 hour power reserve. 

$150, hodinkee.com

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