Photo: Hodinkee

Photo: Hodinkee

When the authority on watch news releases a watch, you better believe it'll be something pretty special. Hodinkee founder Ben Clymer commissioned the horological artists at MB&F to make a limited edition run of ten watches based on their Legacy Machine 101

As with any MB&F, you immediately see that this isn't your average watch. Underneath the domed sapphire crystal you get a full view of their meticulous handiwork, in this case, a balance wheel that floats above the dial, a component of their movement, which is the first movement built completely in-house at MB&F.

The stainless steel case will be complemented by a series of watch straps, all of which were made exclusively for this watch. The set of three straps include a brown Louisiana crocodile strap, a natural calf leather strap, and a Horween strap in color #8 shell cordovan. 

$52,000, Hodinkee

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