Heritage Time Works pays tribute to the Rolex Ref. 6429 "Commando"

A throwback to a collector favorite.
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Photo: Rolex

Photo: Rolex

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the modern day Explorer I, but if we had our choice, (and we know many of you would choose the same) you would probably take the Vintage aesthetics over today's styling choices. Heritage Time Works has taken the current 39mm Explorer and brought it to one of the company's most lusted-after designs, the Ref. 6429. 

The watch will come in a "Commando" or no "Commando" dial with the Commando version featuring the Oyster bracelet and five different NATO straps or the non-Commando dial, which only bundled with NATO straps. 

The company carefully replicates the original Ref. 6429 dial with inks sourced from a Swiss company that also supplies materials to the world's top watch brands. The process involves the application of proprietary semi-glossy surface additives and hand-applied modern Superluminova coatings to achieve the watch's vintage look and functionality. It's also fitted with hands sourced from a Milgauss and Datejust and the bezel has been slightly altered to sit flatter and better match the modern flat sapphire crystal of the Rolex's of today. 

£8,250-£9,750 (est. $10,310-$12,178), heritagetimeworks.com

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