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Hard Graft for B&O Play

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It's only right that Bang & Olufsen, maker of some of the best looking headphones and electronics on the market teams up with one of the most talented accessory makers out there, Hard Graft. They've developed a smart and functional line of their signature leather and felt accessories for B&O's Play line and if you own any of their headphones, you'll definitely want to pick one of these up.

The line consists of three accessories which include a beautiful leather pouch for B&O's full-sized H6 headphones which also doubles as a headphones stand when you flip it over. For the H3 model they've crafted a compact protector that covers the earphones and also acts as a cable wrap. Last but not least is the "Pinch" case for the classic Form 2 headphone which features a cable organizer and a loop to hang your headphones.

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