Handgrey Quick Release Titanium Carabiners



What is it about a simple piece of titanium that is so striking? Handgrey's Quick Release Titanium Carabiners might be simple in their design, but are also precision made in a material that are sure to last a few lifetimes.

After 100 prototypes, designer Thanasit Inkavesvaanit settled on an elegantly industrial form with a stone-tumbled finish that gives the carbiners their raw look. The pieces are made from Grade 5 titanium and are individually cut using EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire Cutting and have a maximum load of 25KG. The Handgrey line will come in three sizes and the project has already hit its funding goal on Kickstarter with deliveries estimated in November of this year.

$55, Kickstarter

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