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A Sneaker for All Seasons: H1 Shoes' DS110

If you're going to have one pair of sneakers...
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Photo: H1 Shoes

Photo: H1 Shoes

If you're going to throw down your money on a good pair of sneakers this year, you should probably go a bit upmarket and invest in something that's not just luxurious, but is also quite versatile. We're liking H1 Shoes' new DS110 with its mid-cut silhouette and a great design that will surely have a number of fine establishments rethinking their "no sneakers" policy.

Each pair of the DS110 sneakers are 100% made in Italy and feature a textured, minimalist leather upper that comes in your choice of brown, grey, or black and every style sits atop a highly prized, cream colored Margom sole. 

$395, grab a pair now at

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