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Greats The Wooster x Lardini

An exceptional set of slip-ons from one of the world's sharpest dressers.
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Photo: Greats

Photo: Greats

Looks like Lardini is on a roll with the collaborations. First Club Monaco and now a sneaker collaboration with Greats and Nick Wooster. The new sneakers are a perfect follow up to the previous Parabellum release and bring a touch of Italian perfection from one of the finest tailors out there.

The two new Lardini slip-ons feature unique designs with one pair's upper adorned in houndstooth patterns that are different on each foot and a cargo twill colorway that features reversed uppers. Each shoe also leather lined with a premium stitched sole. 

$280, available for "early access" orders this Friday, more info at

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