George Cleverley releases its Russian reindeer leather strap for the Apple Watch

The leather was first discovered from a ship that sank in 1786.
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George Cleverley Apple Watch Strap

George Cleverley's coveted Russian reindeer leather strap always has watch enthusiasts talking and now the leathermaker is bringing the material to the most popular watch in the world, the Apple Watch. If you're not familiar with the leather, what makes it so special is that it was found in a Spanish frigate that was carrying reindeer leather hides from St. Petersberg, Russia. When the ship was docked to avoid a storm, it broke free and sunk with its cargo. Two hundred years later, the ship was found with a pile of hides fully intact as they were preserved in the black mud of the seabed. 

The strap will be available in three sizes for all Apple Watch case sizes and comes with silver attachment lugs.

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