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Gear Review: Giro Havik

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Not too long ago, Giro, the popular bike helmet company, unveiled their foray into sport performance eyewear. If you look at the current state of the sunglass market, you'll notice that even the brands known for their sport based styles have taken more of a lifestyle approach to their designs which have ultimately cut down on the amount of options you have when looking for a great pair of shades for your sport related activities. Thankfully, companies like Giro have noticed this trend and have decided to fill the growing void left from the former "sport performance" brands and have created an impressive lineup of frames, one of which we've had for a couple weeks now. Read more of our review after jump.

The style we're reviewing for you today is the Giro Havik, a shield style frame that uses a Zeiss Certified lens with True Sight technology. In our tests, the lenses provided a good amount of coverage and clarity while the overall fit of the frame remained snug and comfortable. They also designed the temples to be shorter for an easier fit under your bike helmet which is a big plus. The only complaint we have is the lens size, which is a minor complaint but I'm sure this could be addressed in a newer model or variation on the style. Overall we like the Havik and it definitely holds it own against the bigger guys in the industry. It meets most if not all the criteria for a solid sport sunglass and that's a pretty impressive feat, considering this is their stab at this. Link:$140-$170

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