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Five iconic frames to consider on National Sunglasses Day

You definitely can't go wrong with any of these styles.
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Believe it or not, sunglasses have their own holiday and to celebrate we wanted to highlight five iconic frames that will never ever go out of style. First up, a frame that needs no introduction, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer ($153). Introduced in 1952, the frame has inspired a countless number of copycats and has been a fashion staple ever since. 


In 1978, Randolph Engineering released the HGU-4/P Aviator ($219) as a sunglass for Air Force pilots. The frame has always been built to military standards and is still produced for the Navy and Air Force to this day. Randolph also happens to be the last remaining metal eyewear company in the states and each frame is still produced from their factory outside of Boston, MA. 


A favorite of Steve McQueen, so much so that Persol has its own special edition named after the man himself, the 649 ($260) was originally released in 1957 to be used by tram drivers in Turin, Italy. The frame has continued to be a staple of the brand's lineup and has also continued to be a staple of many discerning gentlemen. 


You can't talk about sunglasses without the Ray-Ban Aviator ($153), that classic teardrop design is simply unmistakable and it has spawned a number of other iconic classics such as the Outdoorsman and the Shooter. We're particularly fond of the classic Gold and G-15 combo (above) and it's just one of those frames that's flattering on practically every face shape. 


Yes, Ray-Ban has obviously dominated fashion and pop culture with their sunglasses and we couldn't finish this list without acknowledging the Clubmaster ($153). The frame simply evokes another era and will always look good no matter how you style it. The frame has been available in a number of variations and colorways, but it's hard to beat that timeless black and gold finish. 

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