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Filson Limited Edition Twill and Horween Bags

Nothing like a little Horween to make everything better.
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Photos: Filson

Photos: Filson

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the twill Filson bag, but if you did want to up the ante a bit, you could always throw in some leather. Filson is bringing some leathery goodness to their new limited edition bag line, but not just any leather will do, they've upped the ante and brought Horween into the mix.

The collection will feature three styles: the Heritage Sportsman, tote, and medium duffle. Each of the bags are made from their signature rugged twill and Horween is strategically placed to reinforce high-wear areas such as the pocket flaps and base. Last but not least, you've also got rustproof brass hardware and saddle-grade Bridle leather that add a nice finishing touch to an already special bag. 

$295-$495, available now at

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