Zegna's Traveller Luggage is low-key luxury at its finest - Acquire

Zegna's Traveller Luggage is low-key luxury at its finest

A great luggage option for the globe trotting executive.
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Zegna Traveller Luggage

Photo: Ermenegildo Zegna

If life requires you to wear your finest tailoring on your business trips then you'll want to look into Zegna's new Traveller suitcase. The carry-on roller was designed to be lightweight (8.1 lbs) and have enough to neatly store two suits as well as all your other items. 

The luggage contains a dedicated suit carrier with hanger and an internal zip pocket is designed to store your shirts. There's also a discrete pocket on the rear of the suitcase to carry things you need immediate access to like a tablet or passport. 

As for construction, the Traveller is uses a shock absorbing memory foam that restores its shape after being squeezed and allows the luggage to forgo a metal skeleton to help shave off any unnecessary weight. You also get a 360-degree four-wheel setup that features silent, soft-rubber Japanese wheels and two material choices: leather and Pelle Tessuta (above), which is a Lamb Nappa leather weave. 

$2,600-$3,900, zegna.us

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