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Dita-Lancier unveils its new collection of performance-focused eyewear

Built for Land, Sea, and Air.
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Dita is bringing back its performance-focused eyewear line with a full collection of sunglasses and optical frames. The new Dita-Lancier line is designed around an array of advanced lens technologies that will have you covered whether you're racing at 200 mph, sailing the high seas, or soaring through the skies at 28,000 feet. The collection will feature three types of frame constructions: titanium sun, titanium optical, and acetate and titanium. The frames will also feature titanium and co-injected anti-slip rubber nosepads, a universal temple tip with a white gold accessory link that works with their Dita-Lancier strap, and each and every frame is made in Japan. 

The Dita-Lancier collection will be available this May.

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