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Converse Renew

Converse has announced a new initiative to explore ways to utilize and upcycle post-consumer and post-industrial waste to create sustainable versions of their most famous silhouettes. Called Converse Renew, the initiative will first focus its efforts on the most famous Converse of all, the Chuck Taylor. Converse Renew will use three processes: Renew Canvas (above), which recreates the feel of their signature canvas textile but is constructed out of 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Renew Denim uses an in-house upcycling process that uses jeans that were redirected from landfills to be used in the Chuck Taylor or Chuck 70. Last but not least is Renew Cotton, a material sourced from cotton canvas waste that uses a composite 40% recycled cotton and polyester.

Styles using Renew Canvas will launch on July 5th while a Chuck 70 in Renew Denim will follow in August. Renew Cotton products will hit shelves in 2020.

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