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Commonwealth Proper launches a knitwear collection made from Himalayan cashmere

Each sweater is crafted one-at-a-time and takes up to a day to produce.
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Commonwealth Proper Knitwear

Rogue Shawl Cardigan - $1,195

Commonwealth Proper is launching its first knitwear line and they've aimed to craft the softest and finest pieces on the market. Each style is made from Himalayan cashmere, which is said to be the finest cashmere in the world and is sourced from the underbelly of goats that live in the mountains of Mongolia. The Mongolian yarns are then woven by an over 100-year-old Scotish company and then are taken to Corgi in Wales, where each piece is crafted one-at-a-time on a hand-operated knitting machine. 


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