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Clé de Cartier

Cartier previews a new signature silhouette.
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This April, Cartier introduces an all-new signature shape to its watch line, the Clé de Cartier. Compared to the Calbire de Cartier, the new watch turns down the volume with a design much more elegant and simple with softer, fluid lines yet still maintains that undeniable Cartier aesthetic. 

Photo: Cartier

Photo: Cartier

The name "Clé" is taken from the French word for "key" and applies to the watch crown which features a sapphire jewel that goes against traditional designs with a jewel that is flush within the crown. The watch also brings about a brand-new in-house movement called the 1847 MC, named after the year the brand was founded. The movement features a rapid barrel and a dual-direction automatic mechanism which features a unique lever system adding to the movement's durability. 

Available this April, pricing $TBD, more info at

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