Civic by Taylor Stitch is a new cycling apparel collection for everyday wear

All the merino you'll ever need.
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Civic by Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch has got a new line of cycling apparel called Civic and it's designed to perform well on the bike and still look great off of it. Performance was a big focus so they've made sure to implement three types of merino fabrics: MerinoPerform, Merino 4S, and Mercerized Merino. If you haven't worn the stuff, it's quite brilliant. 

The fabric is a natural performance fabric that's temperature regulating and doesn't smell, even after several uses. These fabrics will find their way to a shell, chino, chambray shirts, and shorts. If you ride a bike everyday to work, it's pretty much everything you'll need and more and it's just as ideal if you don't. 


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