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Casio's newest G-Shock uses Bluetooth to keep you on time

A trio of signals keeps this watch accurate and always on time.
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G-Shock Gravitymaster Bluetooth

No matter where you are in the world, DST or no DST, Casio's newest Gravitymaster will always read the correct time. The watch features Multiband 6 radio reception, GPS radio wave reception, and the ability to connect via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection is accompanied by a dedicated app that has a flight log function, travel history, automatic time correction, home/world time adjustment, and a world time setting. Like any good G-Shock, it's built like a tank too, the band has a screw-less design with carbon fiber-reinforced resin, a rugged resin frame, magnetic resistance, solar power, anti-reflective sapphire, and much more.

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