Casio's latest MR-G goes all black and gets a bezel made of Cobarion

The stealthy flagship features a bezel that's stronger than stainless steel.
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Casio MR-G Cobarion

The top-of-the-line MR-G collection is adding a new timepiece with an all-black finish that's inspired by the Kuro-Zonae samurai warriors of the past. At the center of the watch's feature set is Casio's Connected Engine 3-way technology that accurately adjusts the time anywhere in the world by connecting to your smartphone and grabbing the time from the time server. 

If a smartphone isn't available, the watch can receive the time from a radio or GPS signal. The blacked-out watch is coated in DLC while the bezel features a new material called Cobarion, a material that is 2-3x harder than stainless steel and is polished to a mirror-like finish.

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