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Casio releases the 5000 Series in titanium

A new alloy option for their Full Metal 5000 range.
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Casio 5000 Series Titanium

Casio's Full Metal 5000 range from G-Shock is getting a new option in lightweight titanium. It's the first watch in the series to use the alloy, which is used in the case, band, bezel, case back, and buttons. The watch is finished with a black DLC coating to give it that classic G-Shock look, a look that's inspired by the original G-Shock, the DW-5000C-1B. The watch also features both Bluetooth connectivity and radio wave reception to automatically adjust the time, an automatic LED backlight, and it has Tough Solar power that can keep the watch charged for up for almost two years with the power-saving function activated.

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